Dangers are all around while driving, with potential accidents only ever a few seconds away for those who have a lapse in concentration. Because of the speed of today’s traffic and with people rushing around trying to reach their destination as soon as possible, taking eyes off the wheel for even an instant could see drivers veer off course and head straight into trouble.

This is one of the reasons why road accident claims are among the most common type of compensation actions. Affecting all parties, from drivers and motorcyclists to pedestrians and cyclists, being involved in a road collision can be very traumatic and often leaves victims not knowing where next to turn.

Luckily, Geoffrey Leaver Accident Claims offer a helping hand in your time of need, with an expert team of personal injury solicitors who have experience in dealing with road traffic accident claims. Having helped many people earn the compensation they deserve, Geoffrey Leaver Accident Claims provide complete peace of mind and are advocates of keeping their clients up to date with the progress of their claim at every step of the way. The team are proud of their honesty and integrity; this is why they will carefully assess your situation before making a decision on whether your claim is feasible.

The compensation you have earned can be vital if the accident you have suffered is serious, serving as a windfall which can especially help if you were forced into taking time off work because of a brain or head injury. This money could also go towards treatment to help you overcome any psychological harm caused by the crash.

Offering independent, professional legal advice, the team at Geoffrey Leaver work on a ‘no win-no fee basis’ – meaning that if your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay a penny.

To find out more information about Geoffrey Leaver – who specialise in accident claims in Milton Keynes but offer their services nationwide – you can download our quick information fact sheets on road traffic accidents or road traffic accidents while on business.

If you want to find out more about what constitutes a road traffic accident and your rights as a victim, take a look at these official guides from Citizens Advice and the Government.