Without medical evidence, insurers will often make an offer in the region of £1000. The GL Accident team will obtain a medical report, arrange any physiotherapy required and are achieving results 2-3 times more than the original offer. The Law Society also published similar stats which proves that using a solicitor for your road traffic accident claim will get you more compensation than going through your insurers, visit: ‘Don’t Get Mugged’ by the Law Society.


A number of insurers will contact you directly and they will arrange repairs at their own garage and also try to settle your injury claim there and then.

Why instruct us for your Car Accident Claim

• Free consultation over the phone or at our office to assess your chances and potential compensation.


• We have settled over 8,000 car accident claims locally.

• 95% of our cases are settled outside of court, meaning less stress to our clients.

• We can arrange a local physio/psychologist and in some cases counselling to help you after your accident.

• We will instruct our own engineer and he will provide a written report within 48 hours detailing all of the damage to your vehicle. You will have a choice either to accept the cash if the car is total loss, otherwise you may wish to repair your vehicle at your chosen garage.

For example, if you are driving a brand new Audi and someone hits you, a third party insurance company may wish for your vehicle to be repaired at their chosen garage – how do you know what needs to be replaced or repainted. – Did you know, if one panel of the car is scratched then the whole side of car needs to be re-sprayed.


In relation to an injury claim, if for example you are injured but accept an offer from third party insurers for £1500 you cannot go back to third party insurers and ask for more money. At GL we obtain a medical report and value the injury fully ensuring we obtain the maximum amount of compensation.


Typical Road Traffic Accident Claims and their Value

Whiplash = Upto £5800-£6300 for neck and back injuries for a recovery up to 2 years.

Fractured Leg = £11,375 to the femur £22,000 incomplete recovery

Significant injury to the pelvis or hip but any permanent disability is not major and any future risk not great – £21,505 – £31,625

Wrist injury – injuries resulting in complete loss of function in the wrist, for example, where an arthrodesis has been performed £38,500 – £48,400

Fractured Neck = £20,185 to £31,130

Frozen Shoulder = £5,800 to £9,400


These figures are for the injury only, many victims making a road traffic accident claim also experience phsycological issues which increases the potential claim amount too.


For more information about your road accident claim and the compensation value, visit our Compensation calculator.

Did you know – 1 in 5 car drivers are uninsured now

It’s quite a scary prospect that 1 in 5 drivers on the road are driving illegally.

In the event that you are involved in an uninsured case, all is not lost, but it’s vital you get as much information as possible.


How we helped Ben with his Car accident Claim:

‘Ben Hampson’ is a driving instructor for driveJohnson’s driving school in Milton Keynes.


Whilst teaching a pupil how to drive he was involved in a serious car accident, which wasn’t his fault. He came to the GL Accident team after his insurance company offered him just £1200 for his injuries. See how we managed to get Ben over £4000 for his driving instructor accident claim.

We also specialise in the following:

Taxi driver accident and passenger claims

Driving instructor accidents

Bus and coach accident claims

Lorry accidents

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