At GL Accident we’re proud of our track record. Our personal injury lawyers pride
themselves on offering a professional, but down-to-earth service to help you
understand your accident claim every step of the way.

We won’t give up on your claim, no matter what obstacles get in the way. We are
committed to getting you the justice and compensation you deserve.

At GL Accident we understand our clients are the backbone of our business, so our
lawyers work hard to get the best results for you every time we take on an
accident claim.

We carry out regular client satisfaction surveys and are proud of their

Here are just a few of our achievements:

  • 97% of our clients would recommend us to their friends.
  • Nine out of ten of our clients say we are good or excellent at
    keeping them informed about their accident claim.
  • 84% of our clients say we deliver results on time and to their
  • Nine out of ten of our clients say we offer a good or
    excellent service.
  • Nine out of ten of our clients say we are committed
    to understanding their business.
  • 92% of our clients said we are good at explaining
    what’s happening with their accident claim,
    every step of the way.

have been settled without the need to go to court.

Over the past 12 months alone we’ve secured

compensation for our clients.

‘I trusted Anne’s advice and judgement throughout. Communication was always clear, concise, to the point and without delay.

‘I couldn’t ask for any better firm.’

S H Jung, Milton Keynes

‘I cannot fault the service I was provided with or rate Geoffrey Leaver highly enough.

‘I always felt reassured having you acting on my behalf and in my interests.’

Gregory Hollingworth, Milton Keynes