When you go into a hospital to be treated you expect to come out better, not worse.

You are putting your body in the hands of a skilled, professional doctor. Unfortunately, nobody is perfect. Medical negligence can happen for various reasons, the most common being;

Delayed treatment/care, misdiagnosis and medication errors.


If you are a victim of any of the above, you should be compensated. It doesn’t have to just occur in a hospital, it can be in a dental practice, pharmacy, GP surgery, small/large private clinic too.

We Offer No Win, No Fee Hospital Claims

The first thing you should do is express your disappointment in writing to the hospital. Try to keep the letter direct and to the point. Explain what you went into the hospital for, what the outcome is and how it has affected you. At the end of letter you should ask them for an explanation and see what the hospital is offering in terms of remedial action.

You should receive a reply from the hospital. Make sure you are 100% happy with their explanation and remedial action. If you are not happy and you are still suffering, then you may want to seek legal advice and see where you stand and what your options are. One obvious option is instructing a personal injury solicitor to act on your behalf to ensure you get the best long term result.

Making a Hospital Claim

The GL accident team will look at your case and assess your chances of success against the hospital/doctor concerned. In some cases, it’s quite straight forward. For example we have dealt with many hip replacement claims, one being the doctor operated on the wrong the leg. If we believe you have a strong case we can take your claim on without any cost to you at the beginning. If we are successful then our costs will be taken from your compensation at the end. This will all be explained at the beginning to you. Most solicitors charge up to 25% of the clients compensation. This is negotiable depending on the value of the claim and the chances of success. For more information on hospital claims, please feel free to contact us.