Dentists, like other medical professionals, owe a duty of care to their patients.

While the standard of dentistry in the UK is generally very high, there are occasions when things go wrong. Unfortunately, once teeth are damaged or incorrectly removed they can never be replaced.

The GL Accident team has a wealth of experience dealing with dental negligence claims. We have helped 100′s of clients gain compensation for their dental accident.

Typical dental claims we have dealt with:

•    Failed or incorrect diagnosis, causing prolonged problems, incorrect treatment and pain
•    Careless or inadequate treatment causing personal injury
•    Drug administration problems, for example incorrect dosage/wrong drug usage/allergic reaction
•    Swallowed instruments or swabs dropped down patients throats
•    Unsatisfactory root canal therapy
•    Implants gone wrong
•    Poor tooth extraction or wrong tooth extracted
•    Failing to treat decay
•    Inadequate fillings
•    Crowns inadequately implemented
•    Failing to manage gum disease (periodontal disease).

How to make a dental accident claim:

In order to make a dental accident claim you need to follow this process:

1. You should write to the dental practice manager expressing your disappointment with the outcome. They should normally reply within 3 days, however, allow up to 10 days.

Keep your letter simple and to the point and try not make judgement or use emotive words.

2. Try to delay treating the problem until you have received a response in writing addressing your concerns.

3. If you are unhappy with the outcome or remedial action offered within the letter, then feel free to call the GL Accident Team for extra advice. We will need a copy of your letter and the dentist’s letter. We may ask for pictures too and extra notes about the suffering/pain you have gone through.

Once one of our personal injury solicitors has looked at your case, they will go through the various options. If you have a potential claim, we can often help you on a no win, no fee basis.

Get in touch for free advice about your potential dental claim

The GL Accident team offers free advice all types of cosmetic claims accident claims. If you are suffering or have suffered from dental treatment within the last 3 years, we may be able to help you.

Many of our clients are unaware that they can claim, only through word of mouth, they get in touch 1-2 years later and we pick up the pieces and win them the compensation they deserve.

As long as you have the date of the accident and you have reported it, we can often look into your case for you free of charge.

Dental Claim Testimonial

I had a terrible experience which involved the wrong tooth being extracted at my local dental practice in Northampton. I spoke to ‘Sam’ for some advice on what to do. He took care of everything for me, from the beginning, middle and end. Thank you Sam, you were fantastic