Cosmetic surgery in the UK is becoming more popular and more affordable. Some minor treatments like ‘Botox’ can be done in someone’s lunch time.

The convenience is great but sometimes when time or quality is compromised, mistakes are more likely to occur.

Some cosmetic accidents can result in life time trauma and others just a few months.

If you are looking to make a cosmetic accident claim, you must understand that the success rate in this type of claim is low. So it’s imperative that you choose the correct solicitor, with experience in this field to help you with your cosmetic accident claim.

Common cosmetic accident claims:

•    Breast enlargement/reduction
•    Botox/Fillers
•    Facelifts/neck lifts
•    Liposuction
•    Fat transfer
•    Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty)
•    Brow lifts
•    Laser skin resurfacing
•    Dental Negligence
•    Tummy tucks or gastric band surgery

If you can’t see your claim type above, feel free to fill in our quick contact form and we can get back to you with advice and let you know whether we deal with your claim type.

Your cosmetic accident claim doesn’t have to be funded privately, if you have gone through the NHS, you are still very much entitled to claim if the result isn’t what you expected. You may be suffering physically, mentally and emotionally.

98% of our Cosmetic Accident claims are funded on No Win, No Fee

We have lots of clients that have used their savings in the past to fund their dream surgery. When the result isn’t as expected, it’s a horrible feeling to approach a solicitor for help and not know the costs. The thought of incurring extra costs and the possibility of not winning the case, puts many people off.

The GL Accident team will review your case for FREE and if we think it has potential to succeed, we will fund the case for you. This means that if you lose, you have nothing to pay.

As a general rule, we will only take cases on that we believe have a chance of winning. We will also be honest and upfront at the beginning about how much your claim is worth.

Cosmetic Claims Payouts

The Daily Mail published a recent article which showed 75% of cosmetic claims come from breast and facial surgery. A massive 40% were for nose reshaping and face lifts.

The size of settlements varied from £150 to £285,000 according to the article published by the Daily Mail. If you have had cosmetic surgery and you are unhappy with the result, then you may be able to make a claim on a no win, no fee basis.

Your compensation will be worked out on the duration of your suffering and if you have life time scarring (this may be worth more than something that caused short term discomfort but can be corrected). Either way, feel free to get in touch with the GL Accident team for some free advice and possible help with your cosmetic accident claim