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Head and neck

Minor head injury
– up to £8,400

Minor brain damage with good recovery
- up to £28,250

Moderate brain damage that affects memory, intellect, sight, speech and senses
- up to £144,000

Very severe brain damage, causing serious disability, dependency on others, coma or vegetative state
- up to £265,000


Minor soft tissue and whiplash for two years
– up to £5,150 or one year - £2,850

Severe whiplash or wrenching injury
– up to £16,400

Severe injury which causes little or no neck movement, severe headaches, severe soft tissue damage, vulnerability to further trauma
- up to £97,500

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Shoulder, back and chest injuries


Minor injury with considerable pain
- up to £5,150

Moderate injury or frozen shoulder, causing limited movement
- up to £8,400

Severe injury, such as dislocation
- up to £12,600

Strains, sprains, disc prolapses, soft tissue injuries for two years
– up to £8,250

Soft tissue injuries, with some disability
- up to £25,000

Severe injury, no paralysis, but other very serious consequences
- up to £111,000

Chest/Internal organs
Rib fracture or soft tissue injury
- up to £2,600

Injuries causing some permanent damage but no long-term effect on organ function
- up to £11,800

Severe, traumatic injury to chest, lungs and heart causing permanent damage
- up to £66,000

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Hip replacement
- up to £17,500

Significant injury to pelvis but no permanent injury
- up to £25,750

Extensive fractures, resulting in spinal fusion
- up to £86,000

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Simple fracture and soft tissue injury
- up to £6,000

Complicated or multiple fractures
- up to £25,750

Severe injury leading to permanent mobility problems
- up to £55,500

- up to £185,000


Dislocation, torn cartilage, lacerations, twisting and bruising
- up to £17,500

Joint disruption, serious ligament damage, lengthy treatment, considerable pain
- up to £63,000

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Ankles and Feet


Sprains and ligament injuries
- up to £3,600

Fractures and ligament tears
- up to £17,500

Severe fractures with extensive damage causing deformity
- up to £45,750


Simple toe fractures, ruptured ligaments
- up to £4,350

Displaced toe fractures, permanent deformity
- up to £16,400

Severe injury, causing permanent and severe pain or serious disability
- up to £72,000


The following amounts are estimated guidelines for the value of the injury only. The actual amount payable will be subject to medical examination.

In addition you are entitled to any losses, such as loss of earning, travel, care etc and any future losses.