The owners of animals, including farmers who own livestock, have a legal duty to properly care for their animals and also to protect the public from them too.

This includes cases where an animal’s aggressiveness, such as a dangerous dog, has caused it to attack or if the animal has strayed onto the road and caused an accident. If an animal has caused you injury, through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to make a claim.

At GL Accident we have helped hundreds of people get the compensation that they deserve. Our solicitors will always treat your case with sensitivity and will spend time carefully examining whether you are eligible to make a claim. We offer independent, professional legal advice on a ‘no win-no fee’ basis.

What to do if you have an Animal Claim

If you are injured by an animal it is important to take down as much information as possible.
Often, many defences we get back are in denial that the accident ever took place.
Even if you are not able to get this information at the time of the accident the below points are something you should think about

  1. Details of the animal – not only type of animal but breed and name if it has one.
  2. Find out the name and address of who owns the animal.
  3. Exactly where the accident happened – a defined address if possible
  4. Witnesses – with any claim witnesses can be vital. Independent are much better than non-independent.
  5. Photographs- as with above take some photographs at the time or later with your smartphone.
  6. Go to your GP and explain in detail what happened – make sure you tell your GP as much as possible to include the animal and the location details.
  7. If an ambulance is called provide the paramedics with this information too.

The most common type of animal claim is probably dogs attacks/bites, for more specific information about this particular claim visit: Dog bite claims

Animal Claim Testimonial

My son was unfortunately bitten by a dog whilst playing in the park. It wasn’t something we took lightly, but when we realised our son would be scarred for life on his arm, myself and my wife had to think in the best interests of our son. We spoke to a GL personal injury solicitor in Northampton, they were very sypathetic and understanding. We believe if it wasn’t for GL team we wouldn’t have got the settlement our son deserved.